so over on [ profile] spnwriterlounge their having a Christmas in July thing and all the members could have sign up to get a Christmas box. It's a box were others can give fics, art or anything the authors would like. This link is to my Christmas box, so if any of you like to leave something, just post it in the link.

Ayla Rouge's Christmas Box
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( May. 1st, 2009 12:01 am)
This weeks fic is:

Leader of the Pack by astolat

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: The hellhounds were milling around her legs, almost high as her waist: pale white hides and red eyes, long red tongues lolling out between their stained teeth, all of them panting like the exhaust of an eighteen-wheeler and staring right at him.

Rating: R

World Count: 14,904

Chapters: 1

Status: Complete
Ok so I've written something!! Holy shit go me!! Anyways, it doesn't feel....finished to me so I was hoping someone could help me. If anyone if welling to help, please, please, PLEASE comment here!!
One of the best "after-Dean-dies" vids I've seen. It should be watched in high quality so you might need to click on the vid to get to youtube to watch it. Please comment and give this lovely lady (SecretlyToDream) props for making such a awesome vid!!
TEDDY!! How could I NOT put Teddy up?

Come on guys, vote!

P.S. this is the first time I'm every voting for this. If I can do it you can too!! (LOL that sounds like a really bad kids catch saying on one of those really cheesy kiddy shows)

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( Sep. 18th, 2008 10:11 pm)
First off...


That's so NOT cool!! What are you doing with Ruby? Are you fucking her? And the powers? God Sam, you should have just listen to Dean and done what he fucking wanted. Don't trust Ruby stupid!! Hello, DEMON, not a good thing!! Though I really like this Ruby. She seems.....nicer.....But that's just an act I bet. WHAT THE FUCK!!!

And Dean and Castiel. What up with that? An Angel? Why? God, what's Eric thinking? Bring god into this, some fans are going to leave, I just know it. But damn, a fucking ANGEL!! A fucking angel saved Dean? Dean? Ya'll remember Dean? Sinner? Way big on the lust there my friend.

And Bobby, oh my god when Bobby went down I screamed I mean, it's Bobby. I so hated Castiel. Fucking Castiel.....

Seeing Bobby and Dean together was fucking funny as hell. I mean, the holy water!! And Dean's look on his face! Shit man, laughs all around for that one.

But the main thing that's getting me all ,what-the-fuck-like, is Sam and Ruby.....And Dean and Castiel and shit! There's going to be fans for Sam/Ruby and Dean/Castiel now, I just know it. Fuck, I mean an angel? Why? Why Dean? Why now? What the fuck is happening with Sam and Ruby? What dose Castiel want from Dean? Why is it that the angel of Thurday's (frond that on a online website. Well my friend did) want with Dean? What dose God want with Dean?


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( Jun. 19th, 2008 11:29 pm)
Title: Goodbye My Lover
Author:  Ayla Rouge
R Categories: Slash
Characters: Sam/Dean
Beta:[ profile] biggelois. Hugs, kisses and much love to her for taking me on. The story was based on the song Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt. Also the name for the fic is from that song (duh!) Thanks for reading and much love if you leave a comment.



Watching the bus drive away Dean felt like his heart was tied to the end of that bus... )